Your Meeting Design

A tailor-made concept for your conference
If you truly wish to add value

You want to achieve a goal with your conference: to inspire or to share knowledge. In any case you wish to provide value to your participants. So careful preparation is important. We’ll talk about your conference. Together we’ll find the answers to the following questions:

  • What is your goal?
  • What are the characteristics and expectations of your participants?
  • What is the content of your event?
  • How can your event be at its most effective?
  • In what way will participating in your event be valuable?
  • What do you gain and what do your participants get out of it?
  • What will participants be doing differently after the event?
  • Which valuable opportunities and ideas are needed to change knowledge and attitudes?

Based on the answers to these elementary questions we will jointly draft a conference design. And of course we aim to re-enact your goals during the conference. That is why it’s important that the event tells a great story.

Your Meeting Experts will be happy to help develop the right concept for your conference with you.