Your Meeting Expert – Martijn Reinhold

Martijn’s speciality: Designing and organising inspiring international scientific conferences, hands-on workshops and technology demand and supply matchmaking events.

Martijn has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of conferences: from designing concepts to organising workshops, hands-on training courses, matchmaking events and scientific conferences in international contexts.
Clients appreciate his customer-friendliness, his enthusiasm and his content knowledge and expertise.

Who is Martijn?

Martijn is great at identifying opportunities and embraces collaboration. And he’s interested in innovative developments. He learned his multiplication tables by computer. Thanks to his interest in technology he enjoyed developing and organising various meetings for Dutch Federation of Building services engineering TVVL, Federation of Technology Branches, MinacNed and DevLab.

Next to organising events that are both experiences and inspirations, Martijn can regularly be found on the river Eem. Rowing from Amersfoort to Baarn and back in a rowing boat. In addition to weekly rowing trips Martijn also accepted the challenge to enter into a team rowing the famous 210 kilometres ‘Elfstedenmarathon’ within 24 hours. Not only did he successfully participate in this marathon twice, but he also organised the logistics and the catering for the teams from Amersfoort several times.

How it all started…

Martijn’s interest in the conference trade was aroused by his father. In 1993 Peter Reinhold was a member of the organisation committee for an international conference in the MECC in Maastricht. After his Facilities Management studies, Martijn started in 1995 with the organisation of his first international medical scientific conference.

Since 2015 he has utilised his talents in his own conference agency ReinHolding Meetings and within the international hightech consortium enablingMNT. In 2017 he started doing this also for Your Meeting Experts.

His areas of expertise are: microsystems, nanotechnology, hightech, science, technical installations in buildings, and health care.

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