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Become our new expert?

Your Meeting Experts is a cooperative with a highly experienced team of experts and co-experts. One of our experts is your contact person for consultancy, management and registration. We deploy co-experts for specialist knowledge, supplemented by specialists and suppliers from our extensive network in the conference and event industry.

Our team’s core values ​​are; experts, active, innovative, experience, involved and personal.


The members of Your Meeting Experts have been active in the development and organization of national and international, one- and multi-day (scientific) conferences, symposia, festivals, workshops and network meetings for more than 25 years.


Collaboration is about complementarity. Your Meeting Experts offers the opportunity to accept projects for which you as an independent professional do not have the knowledge and / or capacity. Marketing each other’s products / services, entering into tenders.


Your Meeting Experts offer the opportunity to use each other’s network. We also network during our meetings or informally via email, Whatsapp or by phone.

Purchase advantage

Your Meeting Experts has price agreements with various external suppliers.

As a self-employed person, you enjoy the benifits of our cooperative. Are you curious what membership can do for you? Please use the form below or send us an email.